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The Ithaca PTSO

Welcome to the Ithaca PTSO's website!  Here you can find out about all the amazing projects and activities we are working on for the Ithaca School District and community!

The Ithaca PTSO serves the Ithaca School District located near Richland Center, Wisconsin.

Our meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month from September to May.  Meetings start at 3:30 in the school LMC and the next meeting will be Tuesday, March 12, 2024.  We still need a Secretary and a Vice President so if you are interested in applying for these positions contact President Samantha Swenink at

In order to join the Ithaca PTSO, simply attend a meeting or join the Ithaca PTSO Facebook Discussions page to have a say in activities, funds requests, or if you have any ideas for family fun or fundraisers.

Click on Events to find out what's happening next!

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